Jackson Area Alumnae Panhellenic Association
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A  J.A.A.P.A. scholarship is awarded each year to a Millsaps College sorority collegian who is the President of Panhellenic. This scholarship is to be applied towards the recipient's college tuition and/or books for the year.


2023:  Ellie Pfaff   Chi Omega

2022:   Madalyn Burke    Kappa Delta

2021:   Sarah Carlin    Phi Mu

2020:   Julia Wicker    Kappa Delta

2019:  Courtney Cleveland   Chi Omega

2018:  Alexandra Wicker   Kappa Delta

2017:  Hannah Hamrick  Delta Delta Delta

2016:  Mallory Sutton    Chi Omega  

2015:  Faith Chamness    Delta Delta Delta

2014: Taylor Winshlow    Kappa Delta

2013:  Mary Katherine Simmons    Chi Omega

2012:  Taylor Scyster    Phi Mu

2011:  Wnjoya Roy    Delta Delta Delta

2010:  Laura Jackson    Kappa Delta

​2009:    Brittany Tait    Chi Omega

2008: Katie Collins    Delta Delta Delta 

2007: Megan Jumago    Kappa Delta

2006: Leslie Merritt    Phi Mu